Is it a Pause…. Or the End of the sesson

by Don 3/15/2024 6:18:00 AM

We have continued to experience several more record warm days in the last weeks. February was the warmest in recorded  Minnesota weather history. As the temperature remained above 40 continuously for more than 48 hrs., we saw the sap flow screech to a halt.! We are now waiting to see if the predicted colder temperatures arrive this weekend before too much bud development occurs thereby changing the chemistry of the sap and making “ buddy” syrup. The sap can taste normal, but when boiled down can impart a “ tootsie roll “ off flavor which makes the syrup unpalatable. We have not seen the buds swell or elongate yet (buddy sap often occurs  at this time ) but we are concerned that it is coming soon.

 We have made 376 gal of syrup thus far and have been operating as if the season is over by preparing the RO and evaporator for end of year maintenance. We’ve turned off the vacuum and drained the collection tank , but will reverse those measures if the sap flows again. We have enjoyed hearing Sandhill Cranes and Canadian geese while outside as the Wood Ducks dart through the woods.

Although there is alot of work to this hobby, I hope the season has not ended.