Keeping a Social Distance at Somerskogen

by Don 3/17/2020 7:10:00 PM

The entire world has been focused on the pandemic of Coronavirus . Everyone's routine has been altered in response to pubic health issues.

The maple trees appear to have not gotten the news! They have been very active with ideal warming warming days in the 40's, triggering sap flows of more than a gallon per tap. The snow is melting rapidly and small streams are scattered on the hillsides.

We are nearing 300 gallons of finished syrup, which is usually 60% of an excellent harvest.  The sap remains crystal clear, suggesting more good flows ahead before warming periods take hold. All the syrup made thus far is a clear Amber Rich grade, with a delicious, outstanding taste.

It appears the next 3 days will bring robust flow before another cold spell with snow arrives in two days.

Stay safe and stay tuned!