2020 Season - Maple Syrup Preparations Underway

by Don 2/17/2020 12:39:00 PM

     Although there hasn't been communication in the preceding months, that doesn't mean the principals at Somerskogen have been idle!

     The replacement of 1/2 of the sugarbush tubing in 2019 resulted in a dramatic rise in average sap production per tap, so we decided to complete the remainding sugarbush this year. The new layout is more efficient with shorter lines to each tap, spin-seal leak free connections and larger diameter mainlines.  These changes translate into larger yields per tap, and less possibility of vacuum leaks during the season.

    The last several years we've experienced very wet weather and that has had a negative impact in portions of the sugarbush. Sugar maples prefer well drained soil, and with all the snow/rains the last few years, the soggy soil caused an acceleration of maple die back. We added drainage swales to mitigate this issue and but also chopped down a significant number of maples that died in the wet forest. 

     Research has shown early tapping in a high vacuum system such as ours, has no negative impact, so we completed 1200+ taps this past weekend.

    There remains considerable more work before the season's first sap is converted to the delectable treat that is Somerskogen Syrup, but we are developing the annual anticipation and excitement with this first post of the season!

    More to come!