More snow - waiting for sap flow

by Mary 3/10/2019 11:24:00 AM

Since the last post, we have finished putting in all the taps and hooked up the releaser where the sap flows into the final tank, deep in the woods. We estimate having 1050 taps - up a little bit from previous years.We're hopeful the deep snowpack, increased number of taps and improved tubing configuration leads to a banner year of maple syrup production.



It looks like we may not see much sap flow until the third week in March - quite different than the past years. Though we will have a warmup this week and rain the temperatures cool down again for many days. At this rate, we may be making maple syrup the end of April! A record amount of snow fell in February and we had another 5- 6" last night - we're running out of room to put the snow! March is also our third snowiest month. Let's hope Minnesota has a gradual thaw or there will be significant flooding.

Here is the latest link to the forecast from meteorologist Paul Douglas at the StarTribune: