January thaw triggers "Maple Fever"!

by Don 2/1/2017 9:50:00 AM

We've just experienced the longest and warmest January thaw since 1992. Having 9 straight days with temperatures above freezing has triggered the urge to begin preparations for the 2017 maple syrup season.

Peter and I traveled to the International Maple Syrup meeting this past October in Burlington, VT., along with other sugar makers from the US and Canada.  Over 400 people attended, representing 19 states and 5 Canadian provinces. We participated in scientific sessions on maple research and are incorporating many of the findings into our maple operation.

Research shows one of the key determinants of premature tap hole closure during the season is contamination of the spiles (the spout placed in the taphole) or tubing used in the collection process.  Studies have compared reusing spiles versus new spiles, and/or replacing portions of tubing over time.  Based on this, we completed the full replacement of over 1,000 droplines and spiles. The droplines are the 3 foot pieces of tubing from the tap hole to the lateral collecting line.

We are excited to tell you of another major innovation of our new "high vacuum" pump which will come on line in the next few weeks. Check back for another update!