Spring!! Sun, Sap and Singing Birds

by Mary 3/12/2016 7:33:00 AM

With over 2200 gallons of sap to process and still flowing, we'll have more delicious syrup made this weekend. The temperatures have been in the 60's (delightful, but definitely not normal) the last two days and when the sun is out, the sap surges. One night below freezing, rapidly melting snow deep in the woods and cold air off of the lake provided the necessary stimulus to keep our season going.

It's a wonderful time to be in the woods, particularly in the morning, as the nuthatches and cardinals call, geese and whistling swans migrate back, pileated woodpeckers pound the trees and even a barred owl made an appearance last night.  The ice will probably be off the lake within a week and syrup season will soon come to a close.

We'll have a reminder we are still in March with a cold snap later this week, along with rain and possibly snow showers. How long will the sap continue to flow? It's always a guess, but most likely, we're nearing the end with the unusually warm temperatures and eventually budding trees.

  • SAT 03/12clear67°/48°Mostly sunnyPrecip chance: 6%Wind: 5.8 S
  • SUN 03/13pc-rain55°/48°ShowersPrecip chance: 67%Wind: 8.1 SE
  • MON 03/14partly-cloudy59°/50°Intermittent cloudsPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 4.6 S
  • TUE 03/15rain55°/38°RainPrecip chance: 78%Wind: 8.1 W
  • WED 03/16freezing-mix43°/33°Rain and snowPrecip chance: 56%Wind: 17.3 WNW
  • THU 03/17cloudy42°/30°CloudyPrecip chance: 56%Wind: 9.2 N
  • FRI 03/18mostly-cloudy43°/27°DrearyPrecip chance: 30%Wind: 8.1 NNE
  • SAT 03/19cloudy44°/31°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 15 WSW
  • SUN 03/20mostly-cloudy44°/31°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 4%Wind: 16.1 NW
  • MON 03/21cloudy38°/22°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 11.5 ENE
  • TUE 03/22clear41°/21°Mostly sunnyPrecip chance: 4%Wind: 11.5 NW
  • WED 03/23cloudy41°/28°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 9.2 ENE
  • THU 03/24cloudy42°/32°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 16.1 N
  • FRI 03/25partly-cloudy49°/36°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 9.2 NW
  • SAT 03/26cloudy36°/19°CloudyPrecip chance: 55%Wind: 5.8 WNW