Fall News from the Sugarbush

by Don 11/13/2011 12:51:00 PM

The crisp morning air of autumn gets the Somerskogen team motivated to complete our fall work in preparation for the 2012 maple season.

This summer we experienced harsh, straight line winds which not only dropped branches on most all of our lines, but it also snapped off mature maples as large as 70 feet tall and over 110 years old! We had planned on expanding the size of our sugarbush this year, but with all the storm damage, we haven't had the time.

More than a dozen trees were lost and power equipment was required to remove much of it from the sugarbush.  On a positive note, we will definitely have enough firewood for the evaporator for a few years!

Our supply of syrup is starting to dwindle. Check your supplies and place your order before the holidays to avoid being disappointed. The Somerskogen plastic jugs in a variety of sizes are easy to ship to friends and relatives.

The maple cream has been very popular. One returning customer has been eating so much of it he thinks he may need a 12 step program! He was only joking, but you get the idea! It's very tasty!!