Unusually Cold April Weather = No Sap Flow

by Mary 4/5/2018 7:40:00 AM

It seems quite strange to have February-like weather in April. Our last sap flow was 6 days ago and the forecast shows little sign of warming for another week. All we can do is sit and wait, and wonder if we'll be syruping in late April. Ever optimistic, the sap will eventually flow.

Here is the latest weekly forecast:


Again, we wait!

by Don 4/2/2018 4:31:00 PM

We started the maple season with a rather long waiting period, and we now enter another time of waiting. Our last sap flow was 4 days ago and all predictions from meteorologists  suggest it could be another full week before we have a warming period sufficient to have another "run" of maple sap.

We have been making amber rich syrup with has a very rich maple flavor, with a long finish. So far, with our 1000 taps, we have made 184 gallons of syrup. We anticipate making a LOT more!

A crew visited us from Ron Schara Productions, Minnesota Bound, and did a feature story on Somerskogen Sugarbush. It was an enjoyable day with a sunny 40 degrees,  making a picturesque backdrop to demonstrate all the technical features of our sugarbush. The date of the airing has not been finalized, so check back and we will let you know.

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Saturday Syrup

by Peter 3/26/2018 7:00:00 AM

It has remained pretty cool in the woods, keeping our tubing lines frozen most days until early to mid-afternoon.  However, when they have thawed out, we have had some pretty good flows.  On Saturday morning we started the reverse osmosis machine around sunrise, processed 1400 gallons of sap and by dinner we had made 47 gallons of Dark Robust syurp.

An interesting fact that I read last year in The Maple News said that Sugar Maple buds emerge after 114 growing degree days.  A growing degree is any degree above 50 degrees.  So if today's high is 58, it counts as 8 growing degrees.  If tomorrow it hits 63, that is 13 more growing degrees for a total of 21.  Once you hit 114, the buds emerge and the season is over.  So far we haven't had any growing degree days and there aren't any in the 10 day forecast.  As we all know, weather forecasts can change dramatically.  But for the time being, it appears that this maple syrup season will continue for several weeks.