by Don 2/28/2016 11:06:00 AM

The record setting warmth of 58 degrees on Saturday allowed sap flows of over 1 gallon/tap. By Peter's and my agreed upon scale, this is a "good" sap flow.  If the flow had reached more than 1.5 gallons/tap, we would have been in Trump territory of "Great!" sap flow.

The Reverse Osmosis has allowed us to complete the boil in 4 hours instead of 12!  We produced 15 gallons of medium amber syrup ("amber rich" by the new grade designation).

It is a delight to sample the first returns from the sugarbush.

The next few days look too cold for sap flow, but warmer temps are forecasted for the end of the week. We're always optimistic in the sugarbush and hoping for   terrific flows to yield syrup.

Surge of Sap!

by Mary 2/25/2016 7:35:00 AM

With temperatures more like late March, we've had several days of impressive sap flow.  Our earliest start to the maple syrup season, we have 1800 gallons of sap to process. Today will be the first day of making syrup by concentrating the 2.5% sugar in the sap to 11%, using the reverse osmosis machine. Our wood -fired evaporator will bring this sap to 67% sugar, at which point it is maple syrup. The RO process reduces wood consumption and the time required to make syrup by 75% .

While the forecasts can change, the extended outlook looks very favorable for sap flow and, in the end, delicious maple syrup! Stay tuned!

  • THU 02/25mostly-cloudy34°/20°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 13.8 NW
  • FRI 02/26partly-cloudy42°/32°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 6.9 SW
  • SAT 02/27partly-cloudy56°/35°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 8.1 SW
  • SUN 02/28snow42°/29°FlurriesPrecip chance: 55%Wind: 11.5 N
  • MON 02/29mostly-cloudy44°/20°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 11.5 WSW
  • TUE 03/01partly-cloudy31°/21°Intermittent cloudsPrecip chance: 14%Wind: 9.2 NE
  • WED 03/02partly-cloudy30°/15°Intermittent cloudsPrecip chance: 10%Wind: 11.5 NE
  • THU 03/03clear35°/20°Mostly sunnyPrecip chance: 12%Wind: 12.7 WSW
  • FRI 03/04mostly-cloudy34°/27°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 0%Wind: 6.9 E
  • SAT 03/05mostly-cloudy37°/26°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 11.5 W
  • SUN 03/06cloudy38°/26°CloudyPrecip chance: 16%Wind: 5.8 SSW
  • MON 03/07cloudy42°/28°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 6.9 ENE
  • TUE 03/08cloudy42°/30°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 10.4 SE
  • WED 03/09cloudy42°/35°CloudyPrecip chance: 35%Wind: 13.8 SE
  • THU 03/10clear53°/33°SunnyPrecip chance: 16%Wind: 6.9 SSE

A Record Start to Syruping!

by Don 2/21/2016 2:00:00 PM

The early tapping of our trees on February 2nd and 3rd proved fortuitous as a warm air mass jump started the sap flow on February 19th! We have been keeping records at Somerskogen since 1994, the year we acquired our sugarbush and the previous early start was February 24, 2002. By comparison, the latest start was March 22, 2005. Quite a variation!

Our preparations for the first boil are nearly complete.  The vacuum system is operational and able to deliver 22" of negative pressure throughout the sugarbush. Careful attention to leaks at individual taps or connections will optimize the achieved vacuum. A well-designed vacuum system can increase sap production by 50-100% over gravity flow.

The weather models look somewhat favorable over the next few days for continued sap flow before a cold front arrives next weekend.

Check our website often to keep up to date on the activity in the sugarbush.