Weather Watchers

by Don 3/23/2013 11:07:00 AM


Our anticipation builds as the meterologists continually adjust the forecast.  We have braced for sub-freezing temperatures all weekand we have been presently surprised by temperatures in the high thirties today in the surgarbush.The taps on the southern exposures of our maple trees have warmed quickly in the sun and we have noticed significant flow.

  Deep in the woods however, our collection tank is 1/3 full, but frozen like an iceberg!  The next week definitely looks favorabel with 40's forecast.  Our preparations are complete! 

  xtended Forecas

Totally Prepared!

by Don 3/10/2013 1:21:00 PM

    Our taps have been in for over two weeks, so our attention has been focused on the weather, as well as completing preparations of our remaining equipment.

Since our focus is to produce the highest quality maple syrup which expresses the unique characteristics of our region, we place great attention to the details of production.  We have installed a high capacity sap filter as well as in-line germicidal lights to reduce any contamination.  Our evaporator has been reassembled and a test run using boiling water detects any leaks as well as sterilizing the entire surface that comes in contact with the syrup.

Our system employs a vacuum pump to augment the flow of sap from the tree.  We have optimized the system with leak resistant fittings and a properly tuned pump that generates 25 inches of negative pressure.

 Now we wait and watch the weather.

Good Looking Weather!

by Peter 3/4/2013 4:39:00 AM
 We are expected to get up to a foot of snow in the woods over the next couple of days.  This will help slowthe spring warm up, which tends to prolong the maple sap flow season.  After a few cool days this week, it looks like the following 7 days should all be good for sap flow. What we like to see is below freezing at night followed by a quick warm up. The greater the spread in high and low temperatures, typically the better the sap will flow. All things are looking promising to have a season that is much better than last year. The only lingering uncertainty is that we don't know how the trees will respond to the dry soil that resulted from last summer's drought. 
  High /
Low (°)


Precip. %

Mar 04
Snow 31.0°/22.0° 80 %
Mar 05
Snow 30.0°/5.0° 80 %
Mar 06
Sunny 28.0°/15.0° 0 %
Mar 07
Mostly Cloudy 34.0°/26.0° 10 %
Mar 08
Partly Cloudy 37.0°/30.0° 20 %
Mar 09
AM Clouds / PM Sun 35.0°/20.0° 10 %
Mar 10
Few Showers 39.0°/27.0° 30 %
Mar 11
Rain / Snow 38.0°/30.0° 40 %
Mar 12
Cloudy 37.0°/25.0° 10 %
Mar 13
Scattered Snow Showers 35.0°/24.0° 40 %